Friday, July 17, 2009

The Tuning Room Welcomes Wobs

Some big news here at The Room. As of today, The Room officially has a new contributor. For all of those of you who fondly remember The Medulla Noodle with its regular PRM installments or were fans of Organizing Grievances, then you will know that we are lucky to have Wobblie join us here at The Room.

Personally, I am excited, because it is in no small part because of Wobs joining me as a colleague at work that I got refocused on music. I had a period of life where I really lost track of new and hip music and Wobs caught me up on several important groups from that period. Just to name a few: Wilco, Flaming Lips, Phish and The Walkmen. There are others, but that is a pretty impressive list right there, ain't it?
I think we can expect a few changes here in The Room which will definitely expand our focus. I am going to forecast that The Room will now be a bit more funky, punky and groovy. And won't that be fun?
So I hope everyone who checks in here regularly, will welcome Wobs. Likewise, we also welcome all those who will surely now check in with us because Wobs is "in The Room!" (sorry, couldn't resist)
And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging about the tunes.

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