Friday, July 24, 2009

Sprucing Up the Room with a Little Birdie

For all you little birdies down on Jaybird Street who love to hear that tweet, tweet, tweet, we are trying a little experiment here at The Room. We have added a Twitter feed (really, look over there on the right). The idea is that since there might be days between posts (we are busy people after all), that doesn't mean we aren't listening and checking in on music, artists and other music bloggers. So this will be a way for us to keep a little stream of interesting tidbits about music flowing here (and occasional bad musical references in relation to other world events).
So check in with us for updates, or just follow us over at Twitter. If you got some interesting music news, tweet us for a retweet. And please, if you are following interesting music tweeters, please share with us so we can too!


linzo said...

where is wobblie?

wobblie said...

Coming shortly.