Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yeah, yeah. I know. Start the blog up again and then only a few months later can't even manage to eke out a post every couple weeks--and, really, this won't count either. It isn't that there has been no music in my life lately, but rather that life has been just too busy to find the inspiration to blog (no commentary on whether or not posts here in The Room are inspired or not please). Here are my excuses:
  1. I haven't picked up any new music in weeks and I haven't been listening to artists that would qualify for the new Missing Essentials category of posts.
  2. Okay, actually, it is just that I can't stop listening to Frontier Ruckus.
  3. There is this thing called work that happens most days. Sheesh!
  4. The Artist and The Engineer are both taking pretty serious piano lessons requiring about an hour of parental prodding patient encouragement.
  5. Even if I had some new music hanging around, I am not Robin Hilton and I have to actually listen to an album more than once to form an opinion about it.
  6. I started to think about new music, but got lost at AccuJazz.
  7. The fear of not finishing the family room before Thanksgiving (we will and there will be Bose surround sound people).
  8. Did I mention I have an actual job?
  9. Wobs keeps distracting me.
  10. I spent the last month watching my dear Tigers melt down rather than blogging.
But soon, soon I say, this blogger is going to get back in tune and there will be more music here in The Room. As soon as I . . .