Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Second Thoughts: Shorter Cory Chisel

I already indicated that I am intrigued by Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons (enough to include them in the year-end wrap up), but the reality is that we will have to wait and see as there is just not that much to know yet. We have the EP which, by definition, is short. We have reviews, which due to the limited amount of music out there, are short. And we have video, which there is quite a bit of, but which just about covers all the music out there, which is, well short.

I have listened to the EP a lot over the last few weeks and I really like the sound and particularly Chisel's vocals. The songs are solid as is the music. It is honest, but not all that sophisticated which is fine for openers, but we will have to see how it comes out in an album or two. I am hoping we get to see this group grow and produce music that will stick, but that is yet to be seen. Until then, here is one more tune from the EP for your consideration.

Lovers and Friends

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