Thursday, January 15, 2009

"R" is for Raconteurs

The Raconteurs 2008 release Consolers of the Lonley:
  • rocks hard on the the majority of the album including the rouncus opening two tracks;
  • reflects (at times) the move from the Motor City to The South;
  • has rippin' guitars and Jack White vocals that often sound like rippin' guitars;
  • recounts (of course);
  • rated a consistent 80/100 over at the Big Board (with some hard and low outliers that dragged their rating down a bit);
  • resembles a Who-angst-driven-teenage-rock-opera at moments;
  • rollicks;
  • rages about middle-aged boredom with work (although this might be over-reading);
  • relies heavily on the blues;
  • rebels (also, of course);
  • is accurately reviewed by Rolling Stone when they note: "Overall, Consolers feels less like a project and more like a jam session. But it's fun to watch White make things up as he goes along"; and,
  • presents a real challenge in terms of which songs to share.
Here R three that hopefully reflect the overall rockin affair. Bottom line is that you must be ready for some heavy blues rock, with some wonderful accousitic intervals and even an ocassional bit of horn playing.

Old Enough
Hold Up
Carolina Drama

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