Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Blog Resolution

So starting this blog last year was both fun and educational. I learned a lot from other music bloggers and have tried to steal employ their best ideas.  In particular, I have been trying to do what needs to be done to promote music and artists.  To that end, I am now going to implement a policy that many others have which is to unlink the mp3 files after a certain amount of time.  Many take files down after a week or two, but I am resolving to do this in a somewhat different manner.  Once a post gets bumped off the front page, the mp3 will go away as well (if the post has one).  All of which is to say that if you want to check out a tune, you need to do it during its brief stay on the home page.

And now back to cleaning up all the old posts with files still embedded in them!

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