Thursday, August 21, 2008

Running on Empty?

I am sure TR readers continue to check in for updates on presidential campaign tunes, so let me oblige with an update on John McCain's travails with musical artists (which you surely all know about already). Mr. Mellencamp may have requested that Johnny Mac stop using his tunes, but Jackson Browne is actually suing The Maverick's campaign for using "Running on Empty" in a campaign ad.

Unfortunately (from this perspective) his campaign may be running on empty (or less "fuel") but is doing it more effectively than Barack's full-tank-campaign--yes, I know this is a long-distance race and not a sprint.

But seriously, isn't it time for everyone to suggest a new (pissed-off?) soundtrack for the Dems? I know (sans Lisa B) you all have refrained from weighing in on campaign music, but c'mon! What tunes are needs to turn this thing around?

Update: For more interesting campaign music discussion read David Issacson's wonderings about what happens when you have a Rage Against the Machine concert across the river from the Republican National Convention.


Lisa B. said...

We Don't Get Fooled Again (the Who)?

or Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel)? (I'm starting to feel nervous . . . )

dave3544 said...

Since Barack is Gen X, shouldn't his music be from the heart of that era? If the polls get worse, maybe "Alive" by Pearl Jam.

Or something from his 20s, like Peaches and Herb, "Reunited."

Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" would be an interesting choice for when he first comes on stage at a rally.

Is "Ebony and Ivory" a bit too on the nose?

Can he really use anything not by Bruce Springsteen? I mean I think Bruce is the go to choice on thse things.

Anonymous said...

An intruiquing question.... Ben Folds surely has something angry available...

CPS said...

wow--as I watch the first day of the DNC I would prefer to hear any of these to . . . the . . . slow . . . monotonous . . .speeches!

Someone needs to tell them that it is important to Stand and Deliver!