Sunday, August 3, 2008

Any Given Thursday: First Impressions

So today after dropping of Neats & Boys at the airport so they could get a head start on vacation (much lamenting about to occur over at my other place*), I consoled myself predictably at the music store. I found much of what I was looking for with the exception of Jayhawks--at least those recommended by you dear readers; however, the music that has been giving the Thiels a workout today has been something I wasn't planning on picking up: John Mayer's 2003 live album, Any Given Thursday.

Now I know you all are going to get tired of hearing me mention that I am catching up on much music (why the hell did he think he could start a music blog anyway?), but Mayer is another artist who I have been meaning to explore, but haven't. So this is my first. Why this one? Not sure--it seemed to pick me more than I picked it--great title, liked the idea of hearing how he performed and just total randomness.

First impression: this is going to get a lot of listen to, particularly since I am going to be in a car a lot soon, driving long distances and this just says great road album to me--not to mention The Engineer is always down with some guitar tunes as he chills out in the back of the van while The Artist and The Boss yap it up mid-van.

I, of course, immediately went and checked out what others had to say and read about mixed reviews as critics seemed caught between Mayer's rising pop star image and his clearly growing guitar prowess. Whatever. The music and performance are both solid and fun--both/and rather than either/or. This is a live album that makes you wish you were there even with the screaming adoration.

But I am new here and know you won't steer me wrong. So let's hear what you all think. Thoughts on this disc vs. other offerings, other discs to pursue, or am I just too easily entertained and uncritical?

*The other place is invite only, so friends and family who want to keep up with the Brothers K just need to let me know.


wobblie said...

I know nothing about John Mayer, save what I read in the rags, which as you've mentioned is the eternal chops v. pops debate. I'll have to give a listen.

Lisa B. said...

I, too, will give this new John M. a listen. I admit that his dating Jessica Simpson relatively recently was prejudicial.

CPS said...

Yeah I know, followed by all the speculation about whether he is gay or not--who cares?! That brings up something I have been meaning to write about, which is that I generally don't want to know anything about the artists I listen to--but more on that another time.