Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a Long and Uninspired Trip

Finally back from the Chicago trip. I am sure you have all been desperate for some new content here in the TR--ha! Of course if one of you good friends would come out of the comment section and become a "player" there wouldn't be these long stretches without any musical thoughts!

So despite insisting that I was going to get out and take in some music while in Chicago, it never happened. The closest musical experience I had was lunch with Wobs while taking in these funky high-rise buildings across the river that appeared on a Wilco cover. In fact, as I thought about it, traveling often is a music-less adventure for me with the exception being traveling by train where I love watching the scene pass by while listening to the iPod which has the effect of watching a music video of sorts. But planes and hotel rooms seem to kill the spirit to listen in me and I am not sure why. I think it is primarily because traveling (for work I mean here which I do far too much for my liking) is a pretty joyless activity all around and I generally spend most of my time unproductively wishing I were home which makes it hard to enjoy music--or anything for that matter . . . whoa, best get off the couch here.

Luckily, College Roomy sent a rescue package that arrived today including goodies including the new Joe Jackson, an oldie but goodie from the late GW McLennan and the new solo effort from Gary Louris. So I will get to dip into those for the next few days which I imagine will get me back in the saddle--not to mention working on returning the favor.


Lisa B. said...

You'll have to say whether the new Joe Jackson is good. I was thinking about him the other day, wishing I had me some to listen to.

CPS said...

Well--if the college roomy doesn't give us his review here, I will soon (although my first instinct was to play the GWM since I lost all of mine to the cassette age and the Louris since I am way shy on the Jay Hawks stuff.) If you are lucky I will share my favorite JJ live show incident as well!