Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stop Your Sobbing

The Pretenders.
First album in six years.
Free track a week until the album release on their website.
What are you waiting for?

Oh and feel free to share your thoughts on the band while you are here as I happen to love them! In fact, just because you have been so good lately, I give you this.


Lisa B. said...

I too love the band, but am curious to know if you like their later work as much as things before, say, Learning to Crawl (or even the underappreciated Get Close). Please opine, cps.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people that will stick to Chrissie through thick and thin... it was just such a shame when Honeyman-Scott died - the dynamics changed and things were never the same. Still, there have been flashes of brilliance.

I still go to every show when they hit Ohio.

I'll download the CD tonight and give it a spin and see what happens. (Funny how the media that the music is on continues to change, but it still spins in my head.. you know?)

CPS said...

LB--always with the insight. True I have not picked up anything since Packed! which well, do I really need to say it? I loved everything up to that including Get Close which I have a particular fondness for thanks to a great show we caught in Dayton (Iggy warmed them up nicely). That said, while I might not be as loyal as Sue here, Chrissie is one of those folks who is talented enough to check out each time I think--I realize you are not suggesting otherwise LB--and this release a week thing is just the ticket!

And Sue--spinning indeed! I almost named this site "The Spinning Room," but opted for the other double entendre.