Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Late Adopter (Really Late)

There was a time in my life when I felt pretty computer literate--and there are definitely times when I realize I am waaaayyy more literate than many in my life. But I must confess that this whole music sharing, downloading environment is a total confusion to me. There are plenty of sites that I visit that have tunes loaded up for playing and downloading--in some cases whole playlists and mixes (you know who you are!). Site seem to use an endless array of software to share tunes--many of which are on fairly recently released discs.

Obviously here at the TR, providing music clips, playlists, etc. would be a nice feature at times, but I just don't even know where to start, good software, legal options (yes, I confess that perhaps my real obstacle here might be old-fashioned notions of property and a strange aversion to breaking the this law).

So who of you can help me out here with a good platform and some guidance about what we are allowed to do and not . . . I promise to not hold you responsible for your answers (unless they get me in trouble!).


suewho100 said...

In my case, I think podOmatic is legal - because I do a 60 minutes stream of songs. What I haven't done is post single song at a time - that would worry me a bit, someone could download that song and the artist wouldn't get any credit for it. That might bring in the lawyers.

I buy and download my music from realplayer, itunes, amazon.. artist sites, the problem is none are easily compatible with the other, and that's a pita. I stopped going to brick and mortar stores for music ages ago - except used CD stores.

and now that i'm posting all this, I'm not sure i actually answered any of your questions... bottom line, podOmatic has links to put into sites (haven't figured out how to put it on mine yet) and it seems totally legit and used by a lot of people.

lexdexter said...

i don't download albums that are commercially available, instead frequenting blogs that host rare and out of print stuff, mostly. that said, i'll download single mp3s from band sites to check stuff out. in other words, i'm the last person to talk to about file-sharing beyond the home-spun, mixtape and/or legal/live recording version that i frequent.

i'm never going to stop buying records (better chance i'll lay off cds, one day). so i know when i do happen to discover a free mp3 from a cool band that i'll inevitably end up looking for a 180 gram virgin vinyl version.

i have a feeling i didn't answer yr question, either? elaborate, eh? what is it you want out of this interweb thing?

CPS said...

Thanks Sue--I will check it out.

CPS said...

well, just to show how behind I am, I am not even clear how Rapid Share works (or why it is legal)?