Friday, October 24, 2008

Star Maker Machine Match Game

Just cause I think this is cool--that's why. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of perusing the great Star Maker Machine, you should . . . but wait! First, read the rest of this post since if you go there first the following game will be, well, neither challenging nor fun!

You see Start Maker Machine is a group music blog with a twist. Each week or so the group bloggers are charged with blogging on a theme. Now this could be kind of lame if it weren't for two things. First, SMM has a solid group of bloggers with eclectic tastes and a solid footing in the tunes (not to mention that they do a really nice job on the photo selections). And second, the themes are really fun.

My favorite theme so far was the "2:42" theme in which bloggers were challenged to blog on songs of that exact length. This week's theme "Adjective Noun" (in which each blogger must "post songs whose titles consist of an adjective and a noun, in that order") is generating some solid posts that I think show why SMM is so fun to track. So just for fun below I have listed the songs up at SMM for this theme and the artists--but mixed up. Take a gander, or if you are really ambitious, print it off and see how many you can match-up (yes, I know there is probably some widgetity-thig-a-ma-gig that would allow me to create an online match game--whatever!).

Think TankPeter Gabriel
Dire WolfThe Rolling Stones
Malted MilkButthole Surfers
True ColorsCaitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell
Red RainCake Like
Simple GirlWhiskeytown
Dumb FunPentangle
Yellow TaxiJohn Hiatt (or) Roseanne Cash
Bourgeois BluesRichard Hell and The Voidoids
Silver BellJohnny Zamot (or) Herbie Hancock
Blank GenerationDavid Allen Coe
Haitian DivorceJeru the Damaja
Big NothingCyndi Lauper
Sunny SkiesMax Stalling
Second OptionJuliana Hatfield
Wandering StarBob Dylan
Bum LegRandy Newman
Human CannonballRobert Johnson
Pink BedroomBeck
Tennessee WhiskeyMatt Costa
Fat MamaRandy Newman
Cruel SisterSteely Dan
16 DaysElliott Smith
Graycoat SoldiersPrescott Curlywolf
Mental StaminaJames Taylor
Idiot WindNorman Blake
Hollow LogPossessed by Paul James
Short PeoplePatty Griffin
Brown SugarLucero

Okay, now you can head over to Star Maker Machine to check it out.
Update: There are already two new tunes added to the theme: "High Water" and "Cold Turkey"--extra bonus points if you can name who sings those songs.

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