Thursday, October 9, 2008

Parental Warnings

This weekend will be spent with my parents who are visiting to help put some finishing touches on the will-it-ever-be-finished basement-refinish project, so blogging here in The Room will be on hiatus until next week. But speaking of parents, I will leave you parents, grandparents or anyone else who will have any children in their house this weekend with this challenge.
  1. Get all the children you have in the house (the more the better) around the computer.
  2. Turn the volume on your computer up as loud as it will go--trust me, this is a requirement.
  3. Play the title track from Kimya Dawson's latest kid CD.
  4. See if you make it all the way through the not-quite-a-minute-long song before the laughter is too loud to hear the end.
  5. Please record how you did in the comments (but please don't blame me for any embarrassing singing about farts, butts or other silly words in public by those who chose to play this for--children or adults!).

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