Monday, September 8, 2008

Open Thread: Connor Oberst

His newest release with the Mystic Valley Band. What say you?

1. Acquire (from Merge)
2. At least borrow it
3. Who is Connor Oberst?
4. Not worth the time

Get Well Cards

Video (that might make you wish for just video): Souled Out!!!


lex dexter said...

this guy emerges (in his ironic t-shirt) at exactly the moment during which "emo" loses any and all association with dischord records, or even punk rock at all. and THEN he has the gall to present himself as a "songwriter." sorry, cannot do it.

CPS said...

lex--i was just about to sit down and write a post about whether to keep at this for a whole host of reasons. now i have another--i am so behind the times i have no idea what those who are up to speed are talking about! please explain.