Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Re-Start Me Up

Lately this blog has been calling me back. Why? Possible reasons:
  • The desire to share thoughts about the stack of music I have listened to since I left?
  • The need to express my dissappointment that Nick over at Indie Muse was right that the Decemberists went over the edge with Hazards of Love?
  • The worry that the world won't be complete if another blogger doesn't mark the release of the new Wilco album (oops, too late)?
  • It's summer?
  • The fact that writing the blog made me more attentive to other music bloggers and I miss that?
  • I don't want to dissappoint my two--count them two--followers?
  • Where else will I get to write about my daily check-ins with the Regeneration Tour?
  • The same silly assumptions I had when I started in the first place?
  • The even sillier assumption that I have enough time?
Who knows. But either I am or I am not. If not, then this is just a little snarky distraction on a random Tuesday. If I am, then we need to establish some new guidelines damnit, because the old ones just weren't working! Who established those previous guidelines anyway? And does anybody but me even know what they were? Okay, here are the new ones just in case I re-start.
  • While most of the posts will still be about music, I am not going to limit myself just to music . . . afterall, I have a life, you know.
  • I will not be obsessed about trying to stay current--I am too damn far behind as it is. (I have also apparently decided the new version of the blog will be cussier.)
  • Neither will I be obsessed about regularity (in posting that is)--we post when we feel like it at the Tuning Room 2.o (and don't test me with you plantive emails!).
  • There will be no scoring of discs, only reflections.
  • I am giving up on the idea that someone is going to join me and turn this blog into a group blog . . . and you call yourself friends!
  • Okay, I am sorry for that. Anyone who wants to start up a new group blog dedicated to music simply has to ask and I will be there like an excitable cocker spaniel.
  • And one final note to say that all guidelines are subject to random changes without notice.
And now I return to much self-reflection and questioning about me and this here blog.


Payton said...

Good to hear, Craig.

I've been pretty inactive lately as well, despite my published efforts to get back to regular posting. Oh well, remember it's a hobby.

I've often toyed with the idea of making my blog 'cussier' - let me know how it goes.

Craig P said...

hey thanks Payton--been lurking on your site regularly and have some posts to catch up on thanks to your suggestions.