Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sounds of Miami

Just a quick note to say that things here in the Room will be even slower than normal as work has headed into overdrive. I will be headed off to Miami for a week--and before anyone starts thinking this is about fun and pleasure, let me just say that I will be working nonstop with little time for fun or music. That said, we will get a night at the The Freedom Tower in Miami for an evening reception that will include Cuban food and music. For those who don't know the Freedom Tower, it was originally the home of the Miami News, then became the building that handled the refugees from Cuba who fled from the Castro government and is now a museum to Cubans who emigrated to this country.

I am not trying to wade into the whole question of Castro, Cuba and the U.S.--just noting that about the only chance I will get to enjoy some music (and food) will be that night. Here is hoping the tunes sound something like this.

If by some chance you were not one of the millions of folks who picked up the Buena Vista Social Club's album in the late 90's, then do so now. You won't regret one minute of that decision. And when I return in ten days or so, I am pretty sure I intend to suggest some changes here at the TR.
Until then, let's hear what you all are listening to as we get ready to change seasons.

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Anonymous said...

Can't get enough of The Clash's debut.