Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RSHIP: Easy Listening

Haven't had a whole lot of time to think carefully about music and posting--in part because work has been eating up life in a variety of ways.  One way was the conference I ran this past weekend at your basic DC hotel which involved a variety of, um, melodramatic events.  But the 48 hours in the hotel was highlighted by far too much time hanging out in the hotel general space listening to the easy listening soundtrack they were playing.

We were amazed by songs that apparently were too rowdy in their original form to be included and so required being remade into softer, easier to listen to tunes.  Songs like "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac or "Beautiful Tonight" by Eric Clapton apparently were just too hard in their original form.  And if I could even name one of the hundred bad easy-listening-love-duets they played I would, but I can't.  

But here is the song that gave me my biggest eye-roll of the weekend.  I challenge you all, dear readers, to name a sappier song. 


Lisa B. said...

You're right--that song is in the Pantheon of Sap. I was thinking, though, of that Streisand/Diamond duet "You Don't Bring Me Flowers." Mentally, that was what I had cued up when I hit the play button for the video. In a sap-fight, mano a mano, those two songs might fight to a draw, or better, to the death so we didn't have to listen to either one of them ever again.

wobblie said...

Actually, I think "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" would emerge, erm... victorious in that fight, if bloodied.

And call me unsentimental, but I characterize the whole ABBA catalog as sap, if not slightly danceable (in that white person kinda way) sap.

lex dexter said...

"Wonderful Tonight," right.

I have a sick fascination with Clapton and the Eagles. I claim to "Hate" them but spend way more time fixated on their albs than I spend with bands I claim to "love."

Sorry I missed you in Eugene, sir.

CPS said...

Ah--so right Lex. I actually like that song (and slow Clapton tunes . . . and the Eagles). Back at you on Eugene.